So who or what is Terrible Talk?

An alternative to Spark, Vodafone, Two Degrees. Providing internet (broadband) and phone services. All customer account profits are donated to charitable causes whose goals are to combat inequality, poverty and environmental stress.

No set plans, just what you need, at a price you help determine!

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" As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality exist in our world none of us can truly rest "

What's on offer?

Not a plan but the freedom to create the ideal service for you.

Elements Controlled by you

Pretty much everything can be customised by you. Below is just a small selection we've chosen to highlight.

Data Caps (unlimited, or not)
Amount donated to charity
How Terrible support the account
Naked, or with phone line
Connection Speed (20MBS to 10GBPS)
Contract or not
How my donation is used
What your statement looks like

Elements Controlled by us

To ensure everybody gets a fair deal (including us) we regulate the following

Service Cost(s)
How payments are placed, & when
Hardware supplied (if wanted)