So you want to change the world?

How about using you're internet to do just that!

We're an internet provider, with a difference. Let's take the service you're already paying for and use it to challenge global problems.
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Our Internet

We're driven by change not price; so our fibre service doesn't have a fixed price or plan. Instead we price and service match what you've already got, if you don't like your current service well let's talk and create the best service for you.


Just a few things we're doing with the help of people like you!

Our Purpose

Terrible Talk was created by the Terrible Foundation, with the ambition of creating a fairer world.

Ending Poverty

Poverty is costly, wasteful and risky! Essentially poverty squanders resources. Society in general shuns the poor rather than recognising them as people just like us! Help us change attitudes!

Alleviating Inequality

Reducing inequality of wealth, income, participation and opportunity is no longer a marginal issue but high on political agendas around the world. Inequality lies at “the root of social ills”, is linked to poverty, and we ignore it at our own peril.

Environmental protection

Poverty and inequality typically result in poor environmental impacts such as bad drinking water and deforestation. Poverty and need are the biggest polluters! And the problem exists both here and around the globe. As we value our clean, green image then so should we take steps to address the poverty, inequality and environmental stress triangle!

Tracking our progress

Every month, you'll be emailed an update on the impact your use of Terrible Talk is having.

Heard enough?

Do you have that warm fuzzy feeling... NO? Well join us anyway, we're sure it will come.